The standard seems to be to write your own biography in the third person, but as I am not a celebrity and this is not an obituary, I'm going to refrain. My name is Coco Rowlette, and I am a chiropractor.

Yes, I wanted to be a chiropractor when I was a kid, but I had no idea why. My family didn't go to a chiropractor, I didn't know any personally, and there was absolutely no representation in the media. Despite this fact, I did not make my way to a chiropractor until I was getting my bachelor's degree at The University of Michigan in Women's Studies and Poetry. In the middle of the winter, I came down with a nasty 3-month case of pneumonia that I had to factor in while at school and working. I was devastated physically, emotionally, and monetarily by the medical model before seeking the help of a chiropractor after excessive coughing subluxated numerous ribs, causing sharp and constant chest pain. After the first visit, not only was my pain gone, but I found something I needed more. Hope.

My path back to health sparked my journey to become a chiropractor, as I wanted to foster hope in people who had been diagnosed and sent on a path dictated merely by their diagnosis. My eyes were opened to the fact that covering up symptoms of the human body does not heal the body; we must find the cause of dysfunction. With this knowledge, I could not go back. I could only surge forward and attempt to light the way behind me. I made my way to Georgia for chiropractic school at Life University in Marietta, GA, and began a new life with my husband in Atlanta. 

After graduating in June 2018, I could not bear the thought of opening a practice anything like what I'd seen before. Especially with the hate and tragedies flooding the news cycle, I felt we all needed as many positive spaces filled with light, levity, and love as possible. As soon as I met Natalie Phoenix (owner of Phoenix Wellness Center) and felt the space, I saw the beauty and healing that would take place there. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of the Phoenix Wellness Center, a sanctuary dedicated to whole body individualized care and inclusivity, especially for women and the LGBTQ community.

- Dr. Courtney Rowlette DC (Dr. Coco)

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When I'm not in the office, I've been known to enjoy walks in the sunshine, hot yoga, going to the movies, listening to podcasts, swimming in any available body of water, dancing with my girls, and cooking spicy meals!