Dr. Rowlette is truly a wonderful chiropractor. I had severe lower back pain that kept me from doing the things I love as well as simply standing up at work. I also had migraines and could not function properly in day to day activities. However, with consistent appointments with Dr. Coco Rowlette both issues took a turn for the positive. She provided information through the work she conducted and exercises to do at home. I was able to hike over 70 miles in a week on the Appalachian trail and my migraines subsided.
She has a wealth of knowledge, welcoming personality, and a passion to help others feel their best naturally. I highly recommend Dr. Coco Rowlette to anyone seeking a healthy and happy life!
— Marianna B, Denver, CO

Dr. Coco is a wonderful practitioner. She has been a treasure on my road to healing! Visits with Dr. Coco are educational, and she explains the body in terms that are easy to understand and poetic. Her understanding of how the physical body interacts with our emotional body makes sense to me and speaks to my relationship with my body in a way I can meaningfully grasp. Among the myriad benefits of chiropractic adjustments, pain management is my main goal. Dr. Coco facilitates this, and helps assure continued pain control in between visits by sending me home with stretches. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and I love encouraging people to seek her out. Thanks for everything!

Dr. Coco is not only an amazing chiropractor, she has also been very understanding of my various health needs as a trans man. I’m always apprehensive about going to doctors because of my dysphoria, but Dr. Coco makes me feel very comfortable during adjustments and helps me come up with lifestyle plans that work with my transition, not against it! I highly recommend her to anyone in the LGBTQ community, or anyone else who fears stigma from medical professionals. Thank you Dr. Coco!
— Lee T, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Coco is such a unique and rare practitioner. I have been to many chiropractors, received many cupping sessions, and had a lot of energy work done — I’ve never seen them weaved together as artfully and beautifully as Dr. Coco is able to.

She holds a space to patients, for their bodies and for their needs. After one session I was able to get relief, and after multiple sessions I was able to see sustained healing and change. The adjustment helped my back and hip pain. The cupping cleared and revived me of stagnant energy. Her presence calmed me. And her knowledge helped me make subtle changes in my life that are helping me heal and better my life.

I also can’t adequately explain how much it meant that my healer, my doctor, is a youthful, progressive, capable, strong female. In a medical field so dominated by men, it was transformative to have a woman see, know, and heal my body, as only another woman can.

She is one of those practitioners that as soon as you meet them, you know they will be a part of your healing team for life. So thankful to have found, Dr. Coco!
— Kursten H, atlanta, ga

Been a soccer player for years and a runner for even more. Later on in my age I have developed stiffness, sore back, hamstring issues, you name it. Dr Coco, within a few visits, got my legs and back working great again. So great, that I might try out for Atlanta United or run the NYC Marathon... one can dream. Thanks Dr Coco!
— Dan W, Atlanta, ga

Coco is truly meant to do what she does. I’ve been seeing her for over 5 months and between her adjustments (which are like a mini massage) and her cupping, it’s made such a difference in my range of motion with my back. She’s giving me better back movement, reduction of tension in my shoulders and has immensely helped me reduce my tension headaches. She is definitely good for the body. So glad I found her !!
— Laura A, atlanta, ga